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Research Paper

Research papers are some of the most common written assignments you’ll have to complete throughout your entire academic career, but they’re also some of the most challenging ones. In order to do an excellent job and get a high grade, you need to have enough basic knowledge of the topic you’re writing about, conduct secondary and/or primary research, analyze the findings, and clearly explain the results. That’s a lot, isn’t it? Luckily, it’s very easy to get online help from research paper writing services such as ours.

1. Types of Research Papers

Before starting this task at hand, consider what type of research paper format is required for this project. There are several types of research papers you can choose from, including:

Comparative research paper format (compare and contrast two topics)

Critical research paper format (argue for or against a topic)

Lab report (write about the experiment conducted in lab by yourself or someone else)

Literature review (list and analyze all relevant literature on your topic)

Mathematical proof essay (write an essay explaining how to solve some math problem)

Methodology thesis (explain procedures used in the study conducted on the chosen subject)

Original scientific article review (analyze an already published article, suggest improvements if necessary, etc.)

Practicum report/thesis/dissertation (describe what kind of work you did during a certain course)

Research proposal (state why you need to conduct research on this topic and how it will be done)

Most students have to write a critical, lab report, literature review or methodology thesis in college. In high school, however, most of them will do comparative analysis essays.

2. Choose the Topic Wisely

In order for your paper to have any value at all, you have to choose an appropriate topic from the very beginning. Don’t focus on fast completion; think about what kind of additional knowledge you can gain after researching and writing your essay! It would make no sense if you were assigned “research paper topics on chemistry” but instead wrote your essay on physics. That would mean you’d waste all that time conducting secondary research and reading relevant literature to find out that your topic is actually something else. So keep in mind that your choice should be wise.

3. Conduct Secondary Research

Secondary research means looking for information on the chosen subject in books, articles, journals, encyclopedias, etc. This type of research requires a lot of patience because it can take a long time to look through a large number of sources. Keep in mind that you have to use reliable sources only – check the sources yourself if you don’t trust them or ask someone else who knows more about the matter. Usually professional researchers conduct primary research – going out there and collecting data themselves – but as a student you will have to use secondary research only because it’s a good way to start learning about the topic before going out there and conducting primary research.

4. Start Writing

Once you’ve completed your research, analyzed the data and looked over all necessary secondary sources, it’s time to start writing your paper. And here comes another challenge – how to organize your work properly? In order for everything to run smoothly, write an outline first. It can be as simple as a list of headings with brief descriptions under them or as complex as a detailed chapter-by-chapter plan. Whatever suits you best! Your main concern should always be that those who will read your essay understand it and appreciate what you wrote and why you wrote it this way and not another. The main organization tips are as follows:

Stick to the topic – do not wander off and write about anything that comes to your mind, unless it’s really necessary for the understanding of the topic.

Be consistent – use the same words throughout your paper whenever possible; otherwise you will confuse both your readers and yourself! Additionally, this approach improves sentence structure and makes it easy to read.

Use informative headings – writing a research paper requires a lot of patience because there’s so much reading involved, but organizing information in such a way that it’s clear and easy to follow definitely helps you concentrate on what you need to do. So take some time over structuring your work.

5. Follow all Requirements

Last but not least, make sure your research paper is in compliance with all the requirements stated by your tutor. If you think there’s something that hasn’t been covered in the what to include section of this article, feel free to ask us for guidance. We are here to help! Our expert writers can provide you with an idea or even complete research paper format instructions on a specific topic and get a high mark for it.

So don’t let yourself drown in tons of new information that has just come your way – organize everything properly and start writing! When done, give it to experienced professionals who know how to improve English language skills and get rid of all mistakes, plagiarized content included. Good luck!

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