Thesis Statement

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Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a sentence or two in your text that contains the focus of your essay and tells your reader what the essay is going to be about. There are several different components to a good thesis statement, with some being more important than others.

The most important part of writing a great thesis statement is making sure that it has something interesting to say. For example, ‘I like ice cream’ is not a very interesting or noteworthy thesis statement because everyone likes ice cream; it’s something that you learn in the second grade. On the other hand, making sure that your thesis has specific details can make it more interesting to read and write about.

For instance, instead of writing ‘I like ice cream’ as a thesis statement, one could write ‘I like Rocky Road ice cream.’ This is a much more interesting to read and write about because it provides specific details that the reader can visualize.

The next important part of writing a great thesis statement is being able to support your argument with facts. By having facts available to back up your thesis, you are able to introduce solid evidence in your essay that can be used to persuade the reader.

This means that in addition to having an interesting and factual thesis statement, it must also be supported with any necessary background information or anecdotes about the topic. For example, if someone wrote ‘I like reading,’ they could go on to explain that they love reading because it gives them time to be alone and enjoy the atmosphere, or that their favorite part is when they get to an exciting part in the story.

The final component of a great thesis statement is making sure that your argument addresses the topic completely. By completing this step properly, you are able to create an effective intro for your paper and make sure that your opinion is relevant to everything you write about in the rest of the essay.

For example, ‘I like reading’ is a good thesis statement when it’s properly supported because it can be applied to many different topics such as literature, history books, text books, etc. However, if someone wrote ‘I like astronomy,’ they would have to make sure that their argument is relevant to the topic at hand and doesn’t offer a statement that can be applied to other topics as well. This will help you make sure that your thesis statement is properly supporting the arguments in your essay.

In conclusion, writing a great thesis statement is about making sure it has three different components: it’s interesting, factual, and relevant to the topic. These three components help you create a proper intro for your essay that can be used to successfully address everything else that is written.

By having an interesting thesis statement that has specific details and background information, you are able to write an effective intro for your essay. This will allow you to get your argument across and persuade the reader.

1) Make sure it’s interesting.

2) Make sure it’s factual.

3) Make sure it’s relevant to what you’re doing in the essay.

4) Be able to support your argument with facts.

5) Address everything that you’re going to say completely.

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